50s Rock & Blues – EP016

Learn a 50s-inspired chord progression that tastefully splices in blues licks. Plus, you’ll get to play ukulele alongside U-Bass and guitar.

12 Bar Jazz Blues – EP009

In this lesson, we’ll take a standard 12 bar blues and alter it to create a more colorful and Jazz-esque tonal landscape. You’ll learn to play a melody, solo, and rhythm over a full band backing track; which includes: Ukulele + U-Bass + Drums.

Bossa Nova – EP008

In our second lesson featuring U-Bass and Drums, you will learn a jazzy chord progression played with a Bossa Nova rhythm. You’ll also learn a latin-infused melody and solo that is played over the rhythm.

Rhythm Blues Ukulele – EP003

This lesson is a bluesy, fingerpicking piece that focuses on developing your rhythm technique while splicing in melodic fill licks.