“Soaring Leads” – EP013

In this lesson, you’ll learn 2 melodic solos set to an anthemic backing track consisting of drums, keys and bass.

Reggae Rhythm & Riff – EP011

In this lesson, you’ll learn the strum pattern that defines Reggae rhythm, as well as, a riff that’s a lot of fun to play! But the best part is, you’ll put it all together to jam alongside a full band backing track (Drums & U-Bass).

Spice Up Your Rhythm Playing – EP010

In this lesson, you’ll learn 8 ways to vary your rhythm playing. The big takeaway here is that these concepts can be applied to any song, helping you to expand your rhythmic playing vocabulary.

2 Chord Jam – EP004

Learn how to make your rhythm playing more interesting by adding a backbeat, fill licks, and melody to a 2 chord progression.