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These are my Ukuleles!

From left to right in the picture-
Makala soprano MK-S: about $50 for uke, gig bag, starter DVD, and tuner on Amazon. No setup. I think it has a cheap mahogany laminate top. Great uke for a beginner that wants something portable. Bad uke for someone that plays A LOT. Very durable, light, and holds tune once you break strings in (as long as they are good Strings).

Kala tenor KA-T: around $170 (+taxes) for uke from Dusty Strings in Seattle. Setup. Mahogany laminate body and back, rosewood fretboard. Very loud. Great upgrade from the soprano (it’s a step up). Warm sound and frets are bigger so it’s easier to practice on. Low G.

Kala concert KA-SMHC: around $270 (+taxes) for uke from Dusty Strings. Setup. Solid mahogany body with tortoiseshell trim and satin finish. Rosewood fretboard. Next step up brand-wise from the other Kala’s. This is my favorite size to play. Very warm sounding and soothing. Opens with time.

Ohana long-neck soprano SK-30M: around $170 for uke from Mim’s Ukes (online). Setup. All solid body mahogany with matte finish and white trim. Rosewood fretboard. Extended concert length fretboard with soprano body. Different brand with a different sound. Very punchy and loud for a soprano made of mahogany. The perfect marriage of a banjo and a soprano uke. SUPER LIGHT. It’s very portable. I use a really big soprano case from Dusty Strings to carry it. Opens with time.

I’m hoping to eventually get an amp and pick ups so I can get more volume. Any recommendations?

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