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Thanks so much for the detailed advice it really helps clarify everything.

Fishman Amp – This is the only thing that I’ve spent any real money on to date. The tone is really unreal. I 1000% recommend it. I brought a cheap amp before this.. it was ok just not in the same league.

I’ll check out the Scarlett sounds great if it comes bundled with software. My wife has a mac so I’ll check out garage band also.

I get all the parts needed I’m just confused how it all connects..

I’m guessing the the Uke plugs into the audio interface as does the amp? And the laptop? Does act like a hub?

I’m also confused in regards to the video as this just separate and then you remove the sound from the phone video and replace with the sound sample from the DAW..

This is how I’m filming currently so it’s very bare bones haha