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Sure, happy to help!

As it seems you’re pretty eager to get started with this so I thought I’d leave some more Info here. This time more in the form of video and some additional notes from my side. The videos are both guitar centric but that’s only because for now it’s pretty much the closest thing you’ll get when you search for how to handle your recordings in a DAW.

The following is made by Paul Davids and shows an Ableton approach. He’s an awesome Guitarist with a lot of top notch YouTube content. I learned a thing or two from him which I could apply to the Ukulele as well. Great guy!

The first three and a half minutes are pretty much just him talking about mic placement and recording the samples he’s going to work with afterwards. Not too important for you right now but who knows, maybe one day. The interesting part comes afterwards: Here he goes over some of the most important post processing steps after you’re done recording. Those would be:

(- Adding a High Pass Filter; optional and depending on recording situation)
– Adjusting the EQ Curve
– Applying the compressor
– adding Reverb (much better to do it here than in your initial recording)

I want to highlight that what he does in this video is on a very professional level but he’s been in this for decades so don’t worry if what he does seems a bit much. You also don’t need to concern yourself with the whole stereo panning part for now. It’s just a good overview of the process and you can generalize from there =)

I’d additionally like to add this one as an honorable mention and an Audacity reference.

Far less professional but he also gives a good rundown of pretty much the same process which is easy to follow. He also touches on normalization which Paul Davids does not.

I’m anxious to hear what you’ll come up with once you start with all this!