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Had lots of fun playing Mixolydian in F. It’s a great position to play from. Really nice sound.

I found lots of ways to use to combine the pentatonic with modes like you said.

For instance if I’m playing over an A Dorian Chord Progression instead of thinking to much about how to play the A Dorian scale I can use the Am Pentatonic to play both.

1. Am Pentatonic works over A Dorian (notes match)
2. I can use Am Pentatonic to play A Dorian by adding in F# to the Pentatonic (so basically I have Dorian minus one note but still get the Dorian sound because of the F#).
3. If number 2 does not make sense I can play the pentatonic scale a step up ie play B minor pentatonic and it does this automatically.

So basically playing A minor pentatonic with F# added gives Dorian or playing B minor pentatonic over Aminor gives Dorian.

Lots of good stuff to make improv easier.