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@madz_about_uke, I have never really tried transposing on a uke like that, not a full song like that yet, but that seems to make sense, lol! Just out of curiosity, would it work if you sang lower, but played the uke music as it is?

I don’t think you sound unnatural at all, I thought it was lovely! I feel like it’s always good to push the limits of what you normally do, as long as you aren’t pushing too hard and getting stressed.

I enjoy picking a uke song ridiculously beyond my skills to play, then just going for it! But I don’t find that stressful; that’s where I feel like I grow the most and thrive the most, and what I love to do on the uke. One of the first songs I tried to learn was Cello Prelude No. 1 by Bach. I love complicated fingerpicking, classical songs on uke (well, Baroque in that case?).

Thank you kindly, madz!! I still feel so honored and blessed to have won! 😀 I genuinely still can’t believe it, lol. There’s so much potential with it, too, and so much to learn. Very overwhelming. I feel like my brain is what’s in overdrive……. ;] I wonder if they may give away the other electric ukes that I didn’t pick, though? I don’t know how that works. I’m brand new to the site, too, and this happened. LOL. Thank you, though!