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@recdog Thank you kind sir it means a lot 🙂

@potato_lady The great thing about the Uke is that it’s a very versatile instrument. You can literally play so many different Genres and styles. For me, I’ve always loved playing music with other people and I really wanted to learn to jam with others. The only problem being I have no friends haha well at least musically orientated ones. Enter the looper and you can literally do something as simple as laydown a simple chord progression and learn to improvise over or build loop covers etc.

I’ve only been playing the Uke a year and a half(ish) so am also new relative to some of the people on this site but the two biggest improvements for me were:

1. Progress on this site. Make your way through all of the levels until you get to the most difficult ones. If you can tackle then you can tackle most things on the Uke (bit of a sweeping generalisation but you get what I mean).

2. Music Theory – I always repeat this but honestly this is the one thing which allows me to A) Fully understand the instrument B) Look at people playing and understanding the structure of the music.

This all sounds really boring but as an example. Just by understanding that the loop I was playing is in C Major (you can actually tune your Uke up a whole step to play in the original key) I was able to add in my own bits and harmonise two loops in ‘thirds’ and then the last minute completely the entire thing.

It all sounds complicated but it’s not. Harmonising in 3rd’s just means when playing a C note you would play an E as well at the same time.. When playhing D play a F note as well. Try it, it sounds great. you can also harmonise in 5ths bla bla

The solo/improv is literally just the C Major Scale. I’m literally playing the white notes that are on the piano. I can play them in any order and they sound good tbh you just need to know where the white notes are on the Uke (as the C Major scale is all of the white notes on a piano).

Hopefully you have not fallen asleep 🙂 Enjoy your Uke Journey.