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@surferjay, thank you for the lovely, in-depth reply! I enjoyed reading that. =)

Agreed, the uke is so versatile, so amazing, it can do so many things. For me, I knew I wanted to play classical music and movie themes because those are the things I love to play, but a uke can also “clawhammer” (the second thing I *started* to learn on the uke), it can blues, it can rock. A uke can everything. And it’s so dang sweet-sounding, of course.

I mean, those are pretty substantial improvements! One of the hardest things to master IMO is theory. It’s not always the most “fun” things to tackle, but it is very empowering. I say this as a total hypocrite because I struggle the most with that kind of discipline in learning…

Hmmmm. I don’t even know what things I could point out as my greatest improvements. I feel like through hours upon hours of practice, I have become a bit freer in my playing and maybe a bit smoother.

Joining this site was one of the best decisions I made for my learning and confidence. So far, I have learned how to *finish* learning a *whole* song, instead of somewhat learning parts of songs until it got too difficult. That’s why I think many of the songs on this site are great for that; they’re challenging, but not impossible for a beginner to completely learn. And also all the guidance, tips, and instruction that go along with each song–techniques that apply to all playing, so that with each song you learn, all of the songs you know get better. I feel like I’m writing an ad for the site, but it’s 100% facts. LOL.

I know exactly what you mean about theory. So, I do know enough to know exactly what you’re talking about. I started playing piano when I was 8 years old, and kept up with it until my mid to late twenties, when honestly I got depressed for a long time and stopped doing a lot of things. Now, in my mid-ish-kinda thirties, I’m starting to do things that bring me joy again, which includes playing the uke. 🙂 All this to say, that was one thing I struggled to comprehend on the uke fretboard; how to translate “white keys” and “black keys” (all the notes I knew from playing piano) to frets. That is a brilliant idea to tune the uke so it’s all in C. How… how do you do that?

I also was going to agree that this site is great just for the community: Being able to share and discuss with other people who love what you love is pretty dang special. People who won’t just nod and smile and say, “that’s nice,” or not really care. Well, or they just aren’t as obsessed, which is fair. Well, except for my sister-in-law who plays guitar. We got to “jam” one time; but that was a year ago so I could barely keep up, even though it was just Over the Rainbow. That is an amazing feeling though. I see why you love that.

But yeah, with a looper, you can jam with yourself, which seems pretty neat! =D

I’m sorry that I rambled even more back…………………………. I really appreciate your reply, though! I read it a few times, this is just my own take on the topics you brought up. Happy uking to you too, friend! =)

Just out of curiosity, where are you from (generally)?