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@tbb That’s so awesome! It’s a really great buy you will love it and I look forward to hearing some of your loops 👀

Haven’t noticed any odd/troubled behaviour at all.. mind you that’s coming from a guy who looks homeless in his videos 😂😂😂

So, here’s the video again (reposted) I took it down as originally I was joking with a friend about guitar/ukulele players, playing basic chords. I then sent him the video of the same 4 basic chords but played in different positions with scales thrown in. So basically the idea of the vid was to show how you can take 4 basic chords and make them sound more interesting. BUT I think the first bit of the video actually may not be very encouraging to people who have just started learning open chords so I deleted that bit now 🔧

I often feel like I obsessively post so often feel like hmmm am I talking to much haha so haven’t posted much over the last week.

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