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Here’s everyone on page 9.

– Beautiful performance, Debb! You captured the haunting vibe perfectly 🙂

– Gorgeous interpretation with fantastic playing. Well done, Marko! 👏

– Excellent performance! Everything was great: timing, fingerpicking, the strum build up. Well done! At this point the only thing I’d work on is increasing tempo. Keep up the great work!

– Wow, Justin that was a beautiful performance! I’m impressed, keep up the great work! And I’m sorry to hear about your loss.

– Fantastic take and you nailed the spooky vibe!

– Bravo, Robin! I thought you did an excellent job in light of the hand injury. One thing that I do want to hear is more consistency in the clarity of the fingerpicking. To achieve this, practice at a slower tempo and listen to make sure each note is ringing crystal clear and connecting/sustaining with an even tempo.

– Excellent fingerpicking Tim! One thing I noticed is that you kept the tempo pretty steady throughout. You may want to experiment with rubato. I think it adds a really cool coloring to a piece like this.

For example, if you listen to Stephens performance in measure 8, he starts to slow down. Doing so helps to build the tension/climax in the ending of that build up section.

– I’ll embed a video I made for another member a couple years ago on how to hold the uke. Additionally, here is another lesson and one more covering this topic that I recommend reviewing.

Fingerpicking sounds great! And if you just started, it’s really impressive how far you’ve come! Check out this lesson on proper left hand form. When you switch to the E minor chord (like at 29 seconds in your performance), your wrist bends inwards. We never want to do that. It limits dexterity. You want to be using Form 1 (explained in proper left hand form lesson) to fingerpick out of that shape.

– Fantastic performance and thank you for the kind words! The rhythm and Melody A was spot-on. You made a couple rhythmic changes for the slide in licks in Melody B, but it worked! I enjoyed watching your performance 🙂

– Great fingerpicking throughout! I’d suggest working on 4 bar sections at a time. Focus on pace and flow. And one of the best ways to work on this is to loop the 4 bar sections and play along with Steven in the tab player. His playing will act as a guide to help you with these two concepts.