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@sir_anzalot, that’s such a good one and I couldn’t agree more with that!

I love classical music and there’s often a huge difference in the complexity of it compared to modern music (especially pop music but the Beatles are slightly more involved than say Katy Pary). I’m sure there are exceptions, like maybe jazz music, but to me it’s the difference between a Rembrandt and Andy Warhol. Not sure everyone would agree with that, lol, and that may be a bit extreme but your examples are such a good illustration of this. Bach is also crazy; there’s just so much material to learn and there are often only slight variations between measures.

I also was reminded of this same thing this month while learning Lacrimosa. I’m actually still working on it and probably will for some time before it’s close to perfect.

If you want to see crazy classical music you should go look up Chopin, unless you know off-hand. That man was a psychopath as a composer. 😂

There’s this but the first one isn’t crazy. The second one is: