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Here’s everyone on page 10.

– Bravo! I’d argue that a lot is polished. For example, excellent job building and resolving tension in the chord build up from bars 5 to 8.

There are a couple spots to double check. First is the first pull-off in a measure 3 and 4. You want to do 8 to 5 on the A string.

Second is bar 12, the fourth note should be 7 on string 4.

Overall, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working because your playing sounds great!

– Excellent fingerpicking, Jeremy! Your playing expressed the haunting vibes of the piece perfectly too! The one thing I’d suggest working on is transitions as there’s a few hesitations here and there.

I’d go back and listen to your performance and note where it’s happening. Then put the bulk of your practice there. Focus on one melody at a time, instead of trying to tackle all 6 in a practice session.

– Awesome playing, Terry! I think you have a great base established. So what I would do is focus on one melody at a time. And put the bulk of your practice in timing and transitions.

Try playing along with the tab player in “synthetic mode” as that will keep the tempo steady. When you can play it perfectly in time (regardless of playing at a fast or slow tempo), go back and add some rubato to taste 🙂

– Impressive playing considering the injury! It was a beautiful performance with great feel throughout. I hope your fingers heal fast 🙂

– Fingerpicking sounds great as was the overall performance! Bravo! I do want to share one idea with you. I noticed that the majority of your chord hits were done using the arpeggiated plucking method.

Which is really cool, but when you use the same approach a lot, it loses a little bit of its appeal. Check out this video that I made a few years ago for another member on this song. It talks about how you can use multiple strum approaches to add color and variation.

– Your rhythms were perfect! Bravo! That was the hardest aspect of this song as so many were unorthodox or syncopated. I’m really impressed! Excellent work this month!

– First off, very cool fingerpicking approach for the triplets in Melody D. Love the sound that the index finger produces there.

Overall, this was a great performance! The only thing I’d suggest working on is transitions. Take a look at the feedback I left about for @jgillard. It’s got some tips on how to work on this.

– Awesome performance! Your fingerpicking sounds great throughout! Couple tips. First, don’t forget to tune up before you record. Second, I noticed sometimes you are pushing directly on the metal fret. You want to scoot your fingertip back a notch and place it as close to the fret, but not on top of it. Just like Matt shows in this video.

– Excellent performance! You captured the vibes of the show perfectly! 👏

– Excellent performance! And I loved the slideshow, those were some of the coolest Halloween photos I’ve ever seen!

– Your performance was great, Marvin! Couple little spots to clean up but moving forward, I’d put the bulk of your practice on increasing tempo. Keep up the great work!