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Here’s everyone on page 11:

– You are doing a great job playing the pull offs on this one! The are very clean! Besides working a tiny bit more on the tempo and timing of this one, I have one suggestion: On the 4th fret notes in measure four and where it repeats, hold that note down while playing through the other notes to keep it ringing out through the whole measure. This will help to keep the feel of the whole song as smooth as possible for effect. Keep up the great work!

– You played this one with a very nice feel and timing throughout! Great performance!

– That was a very nice rendition at a very quick pace! My only suggestion is to keep the fourth fret held down on meausres like measure 4 to make the song even smoother! I really enjoyed your video effects and lighting!

– You are doing a great job on this one! The timing is very tricky in a few spots like measures 7-8. On the strums at the end of bar 7, try playing very slowly and counting to make sure the 3rd chord is held out long enough before coming back to the finger picking. Keep it up, you’re off to a great start!

– You are playing this one very well! You are remaining very legato and keeping a good pace. The pull offs in certain spots near the beginning are tricky to play, and a few of them could benefit from being louder. I would isolate the first 2 or 3 measures and focus on pulling off with just enough force to keep those pull offs as loud as the notes surrounding them. You sound great on this one, keep it up!

– Great job on these melodies! They are a bit tricky! As far as your comment about the pinky: I notice that your thumb is sticking way up over the neck on the first melody and that makes it a bit trickier to curve the hand enough to utilize the pinky. It worked to change the fingers up a bit, but having your thumb lower on the back of the neck might allow your fingers to curve enough to get more use out of your pinky in the future. Keep up the good work!

– I think AJ’s melody is beautiful! It’s tricky to play this style of song, because of the subtle nature of the slides and hammer ons. You’re playing this one very well.

One thing that might help it to match his playing style is to slide into the notes just behind the beat rather than right in time or slightly early. This laid back feel on the slides helps the melody have a smooth, floating vibe.

Another thing that AJ is doing to get a warm tone on his ukulele is to pluck with the thumb over the fretboard rather than the body of the ukulele. Have you tried that technique on your ukulele? It might help to achieve a similar warmth and smoothness.

– You kept a very steady feel and tempo through most of this. It sounds great in spite of your microphone issues. The hardest part of this one seems to be keeping fingers down to play as smoothly as possible, and to get the pull offs in the first few measures to project as clearly as the other notes. Try breaking down those measures slowly with the goal of having the pull offs project as loud as the other notes. You’re doing a great job so far!

– You have a very nice tone and consistent sound on the first part of this song. With just a little work on muscle memory on the section from 30 – 45 seconds, you will have the whole song just as smooth! I would isolate that section at a slower-but-steady tempo. Wonderful job, just a little bit more work to go!

– Very nicely done! You kept a very steady pulse and the notes were very legato!

In the first couple of measures, I can hear unintentional string noise when you are moving your fingers from one string to another. This one is a hard song to mute while playing: especially in the first measures. Try muting the strings that aren’t ringing out as you play with either extra fingers on your left hand, or even your right hand. You will have to go very slowly to figure out which combination is the most effective, but it might help with the string noise. You are doing an excellent job on this one!

– Very nice job on this! You have a very steady tempo, and all of the notes are very well pronounced. There’s just a tiny rhythmic detail on measures 7 and 11 that you may have to count: each of the strums in those measures is a dotted eighth note rhythm, which is just 3 sixteenth notes in length. Basically, each chord is held out just a fraction of a beat less than you are playing them right now. You nailed everything else! Great work!

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