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You guys, I can’t even, man! You’re gonna make me cry! Thank you!! I feel so dang encouraged and even more amped up to try more loops!! 😅😭💕

, I so look forward to hearing your loops when you get a chance! Can’t wait! 😊

, you’re so dang kind, man! I smiled so much at your guyseses’ encouraging words! With the timing, the trickiest part was figuring out when to push the pedal button so there wouldn’t be a pause at the beginning / end of the loop. I thought pushing the button was counted as a “beat,” but I think maybe it ends the loop instantly. Not sure if that makes sense. But the time it takes to press the button is obviously a factor. Still working on figuring that out.

So excited to try more! When I do, I’ll share them here! Thank you guys again! 😊💕