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@tbb Making the first loop is the hardest part (I think) as often there is that pause or some type of inconsistency.. Easiest fix is not to upload those videos haha.. On a serious note to fix it 🙂 Say the chord progression is C G Am F 4/4 if you are doing down strums it would look like this:

C C C C G G G G Am Am Am Am F F F F

So to add in the looper and make the loop seamless yoouuu… At the same time you do the first down strum on the C (the first C) you press the looper with your foot at exactly the same time. As if the strum and the foot press were the same thing. Then you strum all of the above C C C C G G G G bla bla

BUT (and this is the important part) after you’ve played the last F… Press the looper to stop the loop BUT also play the first C at the same time as you are pressing the loop pedal. You don’t want to hear the first C as an extra note in the chord progression as that would make it F F F F C (which would also sound odd) but playing the C as you stop the loop blends it all in without the pause.

It’s easier to demonstrate probably so if I’ve done a bad job of explaining let me know and I’ll make a video.

After the first loop you can literally press the looper at anytime as the timing of the loop has been set. So for the second loop what I used to do (which was really hard) was press the looper at the same time the the first loop was ending and then try to play the first note of the second loop which is to many things going on. Soooo what I do (and this may not be correct but it works) is press the looper before to record before the first loop ends and then play the first note of the second loop when the first loop starts… I can then end the loop whenever I want as well as the first loop has already set the timing of the loop.

Probably have not explained that well either so let me know.

Looking forward to more Loops 🙂