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I’m like ukulele999 in that I start one I really like usually up the point my brain won’t work or my fingers do what they want and make no sense. Then I look for another song that I like and start the process over. Then come back to the original song and it seems the break does the world of good.

So in a sense once I get the hang of one I change to another without finishing the first..then end up practicing 2 for a while.. I just watched johnny b goode again and realised I hadn’t learnt the last bit at all.

my advice is don’t forget other songs you have learnt, while learning a new song.. go back and play old songs or you will forget them or parts of them .. or that might be just my old age kickin in. most important take a rest if your not enjoying it or change up to something and come back.. but don’t give up if it seems to hard..eventually you will get it.. well so far so good for a slow learner like me. the lessons really are well explained iv’e found, I havnt yet used all the technical stuff here which I probably should.. I just pause and go back ..