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    Been wanting to learn this song and glad I had the challenge to motivate me haha. I tried so many takes to record this and I felt so tense in my playing but I am happy I finally got the harmonics to ring, especially the second one.


    Wow, what an incredible month it has been!! I have to say, I *love* these originals-challenges. All this creativity of you people is just beautiful ro behold! More, more, more! 🙂

    I decided to submit two pieces – the first one isn’t finished yet, which is also, why I regard it as a “sneak preview”. First bits came to me in January, two days after my wife told me she was pregnant, so of course she asked, if this one was for our unborn baby?
    Also, in January Andrew announced the first original-challenge, but I didn’t want to rush it. ^^;
    Now, about nine months later there’s the second original-challenge – and, you guessed it: I’m now the proud father of a ten day old baby girl! <3
    So even if the songs not finished yet (still working on some other parts and lyrics), this is the perfect time to put some of it out there! 🙂


    Since I’m not sure if my first post already counts to secure a place in the raffle, here’s the second piece. This is the result of fooling around with my ukulele and a loop station app on my mobile phone (Looper).

    And tomorrow I’ll go and listen to all the pieces I missed out on in the second half of September. ^^;

    – Neptune’s lullaby is so beautiful!!

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    I fumbled a little bit on the last couple measures and timing wasn’t perfect due to fingers not moving fast enough, but overall I think it was pretty good for my skill level.


    @Santai – Thank you. Both of yours are amazing!

    Spark of life kind of reminds me of this song. It will sound great with lyrics.

    Oh, and congratulations on the baby!


    Thanks Andrew for the feedback. Haven’t really thought about ‘singing’ out loud, but I will definitely try, since I hummed the other piece a lot, so that might have helped.

    I just noticed that I have confused the pull-off with a slide and did something weird, but it was too late to re-learn it so I sticked with it. I think it doesn’t sound too bad 🙂

    And congrats to the guys who submitted originals, I was very impressed. I guess it will be a while for me before I could write a real song.



    Santai, I love it !


    Overall, we had 47 members participate in this month’s challenge! And I’ve got to give each and every one of you a big round of applause! Everyone played so well and it was amazing to see/hear so many original compositions. 🙂

    So without further ado, the winner of the Islander Super Concert Ukulele is:



    Our October Challenge is LIVE and it’s your first chance to WIN an $1,800 Kanile’a Ukulele! Hope to see each and every one of you in the October Challenge:


    Here is the last of the feedback that we hadn’t gotten to yet:

    – very impressive for 3 days! Well done! My only critique is to slow the tempo down, this is a song where you want the music to “breathe”, so to speak.

    – beautiful phrasing, Michael! I’m a little bit envious of your take on the B Melody. I made this video for Daniel yesterday talking about how I missed the mark a bit in my performance for that section. And the way that you played it was exactly how I wanted mine to sound. Bravo!

    – excellent playing overall! Couple little pauses here and there that you want to target your practice on, but here’s the big one that I’ve heard a couple people struggle with:

    And it’s the hardest part of this song IMO. Compare the first bar of theme 1 to theme 2. Look at the end of it, in theme 1 the pick up starts on beat 4 and in theme 2 it starts before beat 4. The latter feels very unnatural, b/c it’s quite syncopated. Double check the lesson video for that part, I remember going over it quite a bit cause it’s tricky.

    – I like it, it’s a cute song. Keep writing!

    – nice composition! Sounds like something you can play outside on a nice relaxing sunny day 🙂

    – wonderfully played! I really like the subtle changes you through in, like sliding up on the diminished licks in theme 1 and the change in the walk-down on theme 2. Keep up the great work!

    – Here’s my suggestion for you. And here is the lesson I referenced.

    – well done, I think that song is at a good level to challenge where you’re at in your playing! And I thought you played it very well. I do have 1 suggestion, which is to break it into little sections and focus on mastering that before trying to tackle the entire song. Focus on keeping the flow steady.

 – congrats, Marvin! I’m happy for you and the song is absolutely beautiful. Hope you write more 🙂

    – well done! I thought you did a great job. Don’t forget to lift the (right hand) index finger up after you do the harmonic so that the string resonates.


    Thanks @Andrew for the feedback! Much appreciated. I’m glad I wasn’t overextending too much with the tune pick.

    And so exciting, big congrats to you @kittycatlin 👏 😃


    Ahhh yay!!im so excited!!

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