Jazz Songs

Jazz Songs

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Level 1

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In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Jazz Standard *

A duet that is chock-full of Jazzy 7th chords and a beautiful, beginner-friendly melody.

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When the Saints Go Marching In


Made popular by Louis Armstrong, our arrangement is a fingerstyle take on this classic gospel hymn.

Level 2

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Take the 'A' Train

Duke Ellington

'Take the 'A' Train' is a jazz standard. I loved it from the first moment I played it in the 'Real Book' in music college. This arrangement has a laid back groove/feel. It's a great 'first' jazz piece to learn.

Level 3

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Fly Me to the Moon

Frank Sinatra

'Fly Me to the Moon' is a classic tune with a strong melody line that adapted well to the ukulele. I had a lot of fun with this arrangement and every time I play it I think of Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko!

Level 4

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Amazing Grace


This arrangement uses a swung feel and features 3 variations on the melody.

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Cantina Band

Star Wars Movie Song

‘Cantina Band’ is a jazz based song featured in the movie ‘Star Wars’.

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The Chicken

Jaco Pastorius *

‘The Chicken’ is a Jazz-Funk based groove with a catchy melody and a great bass line. This arrangement features two backing tracks. One for rhythm playing, the other for lead.

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The Pink Panther Theme

Henry Mancini

'The Pink Panther Theme' is a jazz infused movie theme that has engraved itself in pop culture. Our arrangement makes use of percussive effects, syncopated rhythm hits, and dynamics to create an accurate tribute to the original recording. 

* Songs that feature a blue asterisk include play-along backing tracks.
* All Songs feature complete Tabs, Chord Graphs, and Notation. Click HERE for a detailed explanation on how to read sheet music.