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Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

'Here Comes the Sun' is a classic Beatles tune and is absolutely perfect for the ukulele! This arrangement stays true to the melody and is a great tune for fingerstyle playing.

Wipe Out - The Surfaris

'Wipe Out' features a memorable guitar hook and drum beat set in a 12 bar blues. Our arrangement was written to emphasize these two aspects. This is a simple and fun arrangement you can get down in an afternoon.

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

I had a lot of fun arranging this tune! The backbeat (slaps) absolutely make the arrangement stand out.

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra

'Fly Me to the Moon' is a classic tune with a strong melody line that adapted well to the ukulele. I had a lot of fun with this arrangement and every time I play it I think of Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko!

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