2 Melodic Blues Solos – EP005

Learn 2 Melodic Blues Solos in A – EP005

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Learn 2 solos in the key of A Major that use changes to create a melodic sound over a 12 bar blues chord progression. Playing “changes” means to play the notes that match the chord being used at the time. This is a common approach for soloing that is often heard in Jazz and Country genres. Let’s take a look at how changes work.

The first chord in our 12 bar blues is A7. This chord is played for bars 1-4 (click here to learn and understand the 12 bar blues form). The notes that comprise A7 are: A C# E G (chord formula: 1 3 5 b7).

If we look at the notes (of the solo) that are played in bars 1-4, we have: A C# E G and B and C (played in passing). As you can see, our solo has highlighted the chord tones (notes that comprise) of A7. Therefore, this creates a melodic sound as the notes of the solo predominantly match the notes of the chord.

* Note: The rhythm used in this lesson is identical to the rhythm taught in our Beginner Blues Strumming Lesson.

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