“Paint It Blacker” – EP007

Paint It Blacker – EP007

Helpful Tips

In our first lesson featuring U-Bass and Drums, you will learn a song in the style of The Rolling Stones. This piece is comprised of four parts: Riff A and B, Chorus, and Outro. Riff A was composed using the harmonic minor scale. This scale varies from the natural minor scale in that it contains a raised 7th degree. The Major 7th degree is what gives the scale an Eastern quality. Riff B expands upon the first riff by introducing chords into the mix. To learn more about how scales play a factor in music, check out our course on: An Introduction to Music Theory and Jamming.

The Chorus and the Outro can be a little tricky for a couple reasons. First, the chords are played with a BackBeat; and second, this section has a bit of movement as the chords are played throughout the neck. It’s vital to understand the rhythmic hits in this section, as such, the part 2 lesson video discusses this in great detail.

* Note: Click HERE for the U-Bass lesson for EP007.

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