“Superman Theme” – Movie Theme

Below is the lesson for the Theme to “Superman”.

Helpful Tips

This arrangement covers the iconic melodies that made the original orchestral score a classic. Throughout this arrangement, we have a dotted eighth note feel. Think of it like this: every time you see an eighth note in the tab/notation, the first note will last longer than the second. Here’s a fun analogy… Think of a standard eighth note as 50 cents. 2 eighth notes = 1 dollar.

Straight eighth notes feel = 50 cents / 50 cents (Equal length of time per note)
Dotted eighth notes feel = 75 cents / 25 cents (First note lasts longer)

Moving on to the arrangement, the Intro and the Outro are the same. The only difference is that the intro is played at a slower tempo. We will boost the speed beginning with the ‘Build Up’. After that, there are three melodies: A, B, and C. The B melody is the most difficult, as it requires multiple techniques (hammer-ons/pull-offs) and quick jumps up and down the neck. I would recommend working on this section one bar at a time. Overall, this is a fun tune to play and one worth putting the time in to master. Have fun!

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