The Island Strum Reimagined – ML021

The Island Strum Reimagined – ML021

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In this lesson, you’ll learn a new way to play the most popular strum pattern on ukulele: The Island Strum. This strum pattern is commonly referred to and taught as (where D = Down and U = UP):

This strum pattern is popular because it’s easy to play, sounds great, and works well with most four-chord tunes. The problem with it is that it can become boring to play — until now! This etude reimagines the island strum as a challenging piece that will test your left hand as you play chords and a melody up and down the neck.

Note 1: Watch this video clip (taken from Lightning Round #2) if you need an explanation on the rhythm behind the island strum pattern.

Note 2: This lesson is our first mini lesson for baritone ukulele. Don’t have a baritone? No worries! You can still play this song using a low G ukulele. The only difference is that you’ll be playing in a different key.

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