The Last Of Us (Main Theme) – Video Game & TV Show

Below is the lesson for the Main Theme from The Last Of Us.

Helpful Tips

Learn the theme song from the hit HBO show and video game series, The Last Of Us. What I love about this piece is that it perfectly paints the picture of a dystopian world. This dreary sound is achieved by emphasizing tension in the melody and harmony.

From a fingerpicking perspective, this piece is perfect for the seasoned beginner. The chord work in the first half of the song is extremely easy. Each chord is a variation on A minor without the C string: 2X00. All you have to do is move the fretted note on the G string up or down to provide the melody. For example, the song starts at 5X00. Then the melody moves down to 2X00 then up to 7X00.

Things become more challenging in the second half. Here you’ll encounter barre chords and stretch chords. But fear not, we’ve got lessons to help with both of these tricky techniques.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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