Triplet Strum Magic

Triplet Strum Magic: Beyond the Triplet Strum

Course Description

The triplet strum is one of the most popular techniques in ukulele playing. Typically, this strumming technique is applied to triplet rhythms. And that’s where the technique begins and ends… until now! In this course, you’ll learn how to repurpose this right hand motion to create a highly rhythmic, yet effortlessly fluid way for playing chord melody.

We’ll split this course into three parts. In module 1, you’ll learn the triplet strum technique in its most commonly used application. This will set the foundation for the next two modules, which will transform the triplet technique into a complete, self-contained right hand playing style.

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Module 1 The Triplet Strum
In this module, we'll break down the rhythm and learn the mechanics behind the triplet strum.
Unit 1 Course Overview (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 2 Proper Right Hand Form for The Triplet Strum (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 3 What is Eighth Note Triplet Rhythm? (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 4 Mechanics Breakdown: Triplet Strum (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 5 Exercise #1 (FREE LESSON)  
Module 2 Repurposing The Triplet Strum
In this module, we'll disassociate the triplet strum from being solely used with triplet rhythms. You'll also learn to transform it from a strumming technique into a picking technique.
Unit 1 The Triple Strum: Beyond the Triplet  
Unit 2 The Triple Pick: Beyond a Strumming Technique  
Unit 3 Performance Piece: Melodic Etude  
Unit 4 Performance Piece: "Ode To Joy"  
Unit 5 Capstone Performance Piece: "Out in the North"  
Module 3 The Triplet Strum as an Exclusive Playing Style
In this module, you'll exclusively use triple strumming and picking as a complete, self-contained right hand playing style. Plus, you'll learn how to add a rhythmic backbeat to music!
Unit 1 Circular Motion  
Unit 2 Capstone Performance Piece: "St. Anne's Reel"  
Unit 3 Course Wrap Up: Applying What You've Learned