“With A Little Help From My Friends” – The Beatles

Below is the lesson for “With A Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles.

Helpful Tips

This arrangement takes us through the entire song while expanding upon the melody and harmony. OK, so what does that mean? Throughout the arrangement, you will recognize parts quite easily, while other sections alter the melody by either creating variations on it or rewriting sections. Think of it as exercising “poetic license”.

This arrangement is split into the following sections:

First Verse
First Chorus
Second Verse
Second Chorus
First Bridge
Third Verse
Third Chorus
Second Bridge
Fourth Chorus

While all three verses follow the same chord progression, variations lie throughout each of them. The choruses and bridges, on the other hand, are very similar. The outro is unique to this arrangement, as the original recording featured a very short ending. My best advice for tackling this arrangement is to learn each section one by one. Take a day and learn the first verse. Practice it again tomorrow and start on the first chorus the following day. As with most Beatles tunes, the melodies in this one are beautiful. Enjoy playing it!

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