2 Scales for Soloing: Minor and Major Pentatonic – EP006

2 Scales for Soloing: Minor and Major Pentatonic – EP006

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In this lesson, you will learn 2 approaches for scale based soloing. Approach 1 uses a Minor Pentatonic scale to create a sadder tonal quality, while approach 2 uses a Major Pentatonic scale to create a happier tonal quality. Let’s take a look at how this song was written. First, if something sounds familiar… it’s because the chord progression is identical to “Stand By Me”.

EP006 is written in the key of C Major with a chord progression as follows:

1 (C) 6 (A min) 4 (F) 5 (G) 1 (C)

This chord progression is played over 8 bars. In this first 8 bars, we will be playing the first solo. The first solo is written out of A minor Pentatonic. Our second solo (played over bars 9-17) is written out of C Major Pentatonic. Pentatonic scales are a popular approach for soloing as there are 5 pattern positions in which you can play these scales throughout the neck. In the lesson videos, we will be learning the solos (and the chord progression’s rhythm) in their entirety. If you would like to learn the music theory behind these solos (how and why they work over the chord progression), then check out our course on An Introduction to Music Theory & Jamming.

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