“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – Christmas

Below is the lesson for “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

Helpful Tips

A simple take on this classic, playful Christmas duet. This song is great for beginners because it includes a handful of beginner-level chords. The most challenging chord in this song is Fm. The thumb is used to strum simple patterns including down and up strums. There are three strumming patterns used in this song and we will be going over all of them in the video lesson. The first half of the song is nearly identical to the second half — with a small change in the last line. For singing ukulele players, this is a great tune to find a duet partner for. I hope this arrangement brings you joy this holiday season!

* Note: In bars 17 and 18, you can use either D to G (as notated in the tab / played in the performance) or Dm to G7 (as taught in the lesson video).

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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