“Because” – The Beatles

Below is the lesson for “Because” by The Beatles.

Helpful Tips

One of The Beatles most hauntingly beautiful compositions; this song is perfect for those who love to sing, but wish to fingerpick an intricate harmony. Our arrangement uses a capo on fret 4. The capo allows us to remain in the original songs key without the use of barre chords. If you do not have a capo, here is the one that I use and here is another one worth checking out. Both of these capos can be tension adjusted (in the lesson video, I cover why this feature is so important to have). Feel free to move the capo up or down to better suit your voice.

This song comprises 2 ukulele parts: Verse (also labeled as the Intro) and Bridge. The Verse is 10 bars in length and is repeated 5 times, while the Bridge (4 Bars in length) only occurs once in the piece. Therefore, when you learn these 14 bars, you’ll know all the music required to perform the entire piece as follows: Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, Bridge, Verse 3, Verse 4.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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