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3 Exercises for Warming Up

Warming up before playing is the best way to prevent injury. In this lesson, you will learn 3 exercises that help to develop dexterity and technique in both hands.

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How to Play with Feeling

One of the most popular questions from my adult students is “how do I sound like (insert player)”? Perhaps a better question to ask is, how do you express yourself through the music?

Learning Paths

Find out why having a plan is vital to your success in learning ukulele. In this lesson, you will learn how to create a step by step plan that takes you from the beginner to advanced level.

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Swung Vs. Straight Rhythm Explained

A common stylistic approach used in Jazz and Blues Shuffles is to play with a swung rhythm. But, what exactly does it mean to “swing the rhythm”? That’s what we’ll be answering in this lesson.

Understanding the 12 Bar Blues Form

Blues is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of music to come out of America. The simplicity of blues is what draws people to it. With only 3 chords in a 12 bar blues, it has the power to move you.