“La Bamba” – Ritchie Valens

Below is the lesson for “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens.

Helpful Tips

“La Bamba” features a catchy guitar riff and an irresistible dance inducing groove! Our arrangement is based off of Los Lobos’ version featured in the 1987 movie, La Bamba. The song is relatively simple in form, containing only 3 chords: C, F, and G. There are quite a few variations of these chords used throughout the arrangement. By playing the chords higher or lower, we can create a feel of movement.

The solo is performed with a pick and makes use of alternate and tremolo picking. Tremolo picking refers to picking a single note repetitively at a fast rhythmic value, such as 32nd notes. The trick here is to angle the pick sideways, while using your wrist to create the motion. A rhythm backing track is included in this lesson to practice the solo along with.

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