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All live lessons will be archived and available to stream after the original air date. Premium Members will be able to chat live with Andrew during the event.


EP001 - Here Comes the Sun

Published on October 03, 2015

In our inaugural episode of 'Live Lessons', we will be discussing the arrangement for 'Here Comes the Sun' by The Beatles. I will be demonstrating all the sections of the arrangement in full detail and taking questions from premium members.


EP002 - Proper Left Hand Form

Published on December 21, 2015

In our second episode of 'Live Lessons', we will be discussing proper left hand form when forming chord shapes and playing single notes. This live lesson will accompany a Technique & Theory 101 Lesson.


EP003 - Master Practicing

Published on October 7, 2016

In our third episode of 'Live Lessons', we will be discussing how to get the most out of your practice time. I will be providing tips on creating a practice guide and the best way to practice the arrangements on Rock Class 101.