“Minuet in G” – Johann Sebastian Bach

Below is the lesson for “Minuet in G” by J.S. Bach.

Helpful Tips

One of the most popular classical melodies ever written. We’ve arranged this piece as a duet for Low G ukulele and U-Bass. Contrary to popular belief, this piece was composed by Christian Petzold. He was a German composer and organist. “Minuet in G” was included in Bach’s Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. This notebook contains many pieces and was a gift that Bach gave to his second wife.

We’ve transposed this arrangement to the key of C major. Which keeps the piece at a beginner-friendly level. For the first melody, our left hand stays in first position (frets 0-4). While the second melody ventures into second position (frets 2-5).

I’d recommend playing this piece with Picado Picking. This technique involves us using the index and middle fingers in an alternating picking fashion. If you are new to this technique, check out this lesson which breaks down the mechanics behind it.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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