“La Gitanita” – Traditional Flamenco

Below is the lesson for “La Gitanita”.

Helpful Tips

Learn a traditional Flamenco piece that uses Picado and Rasgueado technique to create an authentic Spanish flair. Picado involves us using the index and middle fingers, in an alternating picking fashion, to play melodic passages. In classical guitar terminology, picado is known as “rest stroke”; where the finger, after striking the string to make the sound, rests on the next upper string. This produces a note that has a punchy sound with full tone.

Rasgueado is a strumming technique that is executed using the fingernails of the strumming hand in rapid succession to produce a big burst of sound. The right hand fingers start in a closed position (claw shape) and then take turns snapping out and strumming down the strings in this order: pinky, ring, middle, index. By using one digit for each strum, multiple strums can be done more quickly than usual.

We will be covering both of these techniques in greater detail in the lesson video.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

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