“Stranger Things Theme” – TV Show

Below is the lesson for the Theme to “Stranger Things”.

Helpful Tips

An 80’s inspired synth theme with a hint of Halloween. This song is composed around a motif. A motif is a repeating series of notes (a.k.a: a phrase) used throughout a piece of music to help build tension. It is a common songwriting technique used in theme music. Layers are then added on top of the motif to build the composition. In our arrangement, these layers are represented as variation 1 and variation 2.

Throughout the song, we will be utilizing a 3 finger approach to right hand fingerpicking. The motif is straight 16th notes. I would recommend practicing slowly with a metronome (bar by bar) to build speed and clarity.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Part 2 – For Premium Members


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