Upgrading Your Ukulele

Upgrading Your Ukulele: 5 Ukes to Consider (Concert, Grand Concert, Tenor)

Things to Consider when Upgrading

As we progress in our playing, it’s natural to want to invest in a higher-end ukulele or simply add to your collection. Having a clear and concise idea of what to look for in your next ukulele is key. With so many options out there it’s hard to know where to start.

This video details 5 excellent ukuleles ranging from $250-$1000. We will be discussing different wood options (from cedar to the exotic Hawaiian Koa), pickups, cutaways, and neck profiles.

Hawaiian Uke’s: Kanile’a and KoAloha

Considered by many to be the aspirational ukulele; Hawaiian uke’s crafted with koa wood carry an intangible quality that delivers beautiful, well-rounded tones. With that said, they also carry a hefty price tag (generally $700 and up). To counter this, we present KoAloha’s Opio which is made in Thailand and uses solid acacia to offer a sound very close to koa, but at a more affordable price range.

What To Take Away From This Video

Think of this video and article as a starting point in the search for your new ukulele. We tried to present different brands, price points, wood options, and features (cuteaway, pickups, etc) to help you identify what you may want in an ukulele. I would highly recommend to continue researching, watching product demo videos, reading reviews, and trying different ukes out in person. Good luck on your journey to the perfect ukulele!

Uke Republic Links

Kala KA-ATP-CTG-CE Tenor (Cedar Top, Cutaway, Tuner, Slotted Head)

Mainland Solid Spruce/Mahogany Concert

Kanile’a K-1-T Tenor (w/ Hard Shell Plush Case)

KoAloha Opio Tenor (Low G)

Kamoa L5-GC Grand Concert

Amazon Links

Kala KA-ATP-CTG-CE Tenor (Cedar Top, Cutaway, Tuner, Slotted Head)

* The Other 4 Ukes are not available on Amazon

Article by: Andrew Hardel
Special thanks to Mike at Uke Republic