“We Three Kings” – Christmas

Below is the lesson for “We Three Kings”.

Helpful Tips

This arrangement features both iconic melodies, but presents them in a unique way. As the arrangement progresses, the difficulty increases. This provides a stepping ladder for the beginner, to the intermediate, to the advanced player. It’s best to think of this arrangement split into two melodies: Melody 1 and 2. Although, I’ve subdivided these two melodies into further sections on the tab to make learning easier; which correlates to this:

Melody 1: Intro, Melody A
Melody 2: Melody B, Melody C

As stated earlier, this arrangement progressively gets harder; but what’s great about it is that if you are a beginner player, then you still have the ability to play the most memorable melody: Melody 1 (Lyrics: We Three Kings of Orient Are, etc.), as it’s presented in two variations:

Intro = Beginner-friendly
Melody A = Intermediate

The most difficult aspect of Melody A is the speed. I’d highly recommend to approach learning this section at a slower tempo than what is heard in the performance. Focus on timing and the clarity of your notes before worrying about playing it at a brisk tempo.

The most advanced part of this arrangement are the 4 bars preceding Melody B (Bars 34-37: the Coda) and Melody B. Those 4 bars are all about “feel”. This section is what transitions us from an upbeat tempo to a more relaxed and subdued tempo. What you want to focus on is making the ritardando in this section sound natural.

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