“Gymnopedie No.1” – Erik Satie

Below is the lesson for “Gymnopédie No.1” by Erik Satie.

Helpful Tips

This famous piano composition is known for its intentional simplicity. The melody is sparse and melancholic in nature, yet it floats elegantly through colorful and rich chords. One of the big takeaways of this piece is that it’s intended to be played with sustain and rubato. Both of these concepts add a “human element” to a piece of music.

For example, if you are a premium member and you set the interactive tab player to “synthetic mode”, you will hear exactly how this piece is not meant to be played: Like a robot.

By implementing rubato, you can amplify emotion in music. This is accomplished through tempo alteration, specifically via speeding up or slowing down in sections. Similarly, sustaining each note and chord into the next gives the music an elegant flow in the same way a calm ocean produces one wave that flows into the next.

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