“Moondance” – Van Morrison

Below is the lesson for “Moondance” by Van Morrison.

Helpful Tips

Learn to strum, sing, and play a jazz-influenced solo on this classic tune by Van Morrison. Let’s talk about the main ukulele part, which is played on Low G ukulele. This part is entirely strummed as it’s intended for vocal accompaniment. With that said, it’s best suited for the intermediate strummer since it’s:

1) Played with a swung rhythmic feel.
2) Uses chucking and barre chords.
3) Is performed at a quick tempo.

The solo, which is also played on low G ukulele, is a step up in difficulty. It’s chock-full of advanced techniques, such as:

1) Slides (taught in Module 3, Unit 5 in our Beginner’s Course).
2) Legato runs that are played with pull-offs.
3) Licks that use syncopated rhythms.

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