The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Ukulele

The Definitive Beginner’s Guide To Ukulele

Course Description

Whether you’re just starting out on the ukulele or are a more advanced player wanting a recap of the fundamentals to make sure you haven’t missed anything critical that could slow your development, this course is for you! You’re going to learn about the ukulele itself, strumming, fingerpicking, chords, reading tab, and putting it all together to play your first songs!

Featuring a comprehensive curriculum, this course takes you right from the start then guides you through the key aspects of playing. This is the perfect resource for every ukulelist.

Ready to rock the uke? Let’s go!

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Module 1 Getting to Know the Ukulele
Gain an understanding of the basics of the ukulele.
Unit 1 The 4 Different Ukulele Sizes (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 2 Ukulele Anatomy: Parts of the Ukulele  
Unit 3 String Names and Tuning Your Ukulele (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 4 How to Change Strings on an Ukulele  
Module 2 Introduction to Playing
Learn everything from holding the ukulele to playing your first notes and chords!
Unit 1 How to Hold the Ukulele and Play Notes and Chords  
Unit 2 How to Read Tabs, Chord Graphs, and Chart Symbols (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 3 Understanding Time Signatures & Rhythmic Notation  
Unit 4 Learning to Pick & Strum  
Unit 5 6 Exercises for Fingerpicking & Strumming  
Module 3 Overview of the Left Hand
In this module, we will be discussing proper left hand form and various playing techniques.
Unit 1 Proper Left Hand Form (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 2 Chord Library: Basic Chords  
Unit 3 Barre Chords: An Introduction  
Unit 4 Technique Lesson: Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs  
Unit 5 Technique Lesson: Slides  
Module 4 Overview of the Right Hand
In this module, we will dive into strumming and fingerpicking techniques for the right hand.
Unit 1 Proper Right Hand Form  
Unit 2 3 Finger vs. 4 Finger Approach for Fingerpicking  
Unit 3 Strumming Lesson: The Basics  
Unit 4 Technique Lesson: Add a Backbeat to Your Rhythm Playing  
Unit 5 3 Common Strumming Patterns  
Module 5 Learning to Play Your First Songs
Rock out with 3 examples focusing on fingerpicking and strumming!
Unit 1 Fingerpicking Song: "Romance"  
Unit 2 Strumming Song: The Blues  
Unit 3 Fingerpicking & Strumming: Our First Song  
Module 6 Next Level Songs
Master the first 3 songs? Get to the next level in your playing with 3 more challenging fingerpicking and strumming songs.
Unit 1 Fingerpicking Etude  
Unit 2 Strumming Etude  
Unit 3 Fingerpicking & Strumming: Final Song  
Module 7 Course Wrap Up
We wrap up the course, introduce you to the proper way to practice, and recommend where to go next with your playing.
Unit 1 How to Practice the Correct Way to Get Results (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 2 Where to Go Next