“So This Is Love” – From Disney’s, Cinderella

Below is the lesson for “So This Is Love” from Disney’s, Cinderella.

Helpful Tips

Learn to fingerpick a beautiful song from Disney’s, Cinderella. While this arrangement is intended for vocal accompaniment, the harmony is so beautiful that it could stand on its own as an instrumental piece.

The most challenging part of this arrangement is the chord-work. You’re going to encounter a lot of Jazzy chords and barre chords. In regards to the former, this means playing shapes that you may not be familiar with. And for the latter, you’ll have to overcome the hurdles of playing barre chords (i.e. getting them to ring clear, using proper form, building finger-strength, etc).

If you need a recap on proper form for barring, check out this lesson. As for the Jazzy chords, Ashley will show you the most efficient way(s) to fret these chords. But here’s one tip, if you want to make them easier, you can omit string 4 and fingerpick from 3 down.

* Bonus Lesson: This song is intended to be performed with Rubato. Wondering what it is and how to use? Check out this lesson to find out!

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