2 Chord Jam EP004

2 Chord Jam – EP004

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Learn how to make your rhythm playing more interesting by adding a backbeat, fill licks, and melody to a 2 chord progression. In jam situations, we often are handed lyric sheets with chords above it. Most of the time, everyone plays the basic chords, strumming along throughout the entire song. While this is fine, it doesn’t help to “add” to the music. This lesson focuses on solving this problem by presenting a song scenario that uses only 2 chords. By simplifying the chord progression, we can focus on learning how to “add” to the music by introducing: a backbeat, fill licks, melodies, and higher voiced chords.

Thus, I have written 5 themes (variations) on the chord progression (A minor to G). Each theme uses a different approach to help create a “flow” to our rhythm playing. Think of it as telling a story. A great story develops around a plot (chord progression) and progresses, building momentum (theme 1-4) until the climax (theme 5) and resolution (fine – ending on A minor).

* Note – While the performance video fades out after repeating back to theme 1 (I am vamping on stock A minor to G chords), feel free to play through the 5 themes a second time, while resolving (ending) on an A minor (as notated on the tab as fine).

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