Concept Lessons

Concept Lessons

This series provides lessons with a focus on fingerpicking, soloing, and strumming that will help you in real-life experiences, such as jamming with other musicians.

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Paint It Blacker – EP007 *

In our first lesson featuring U-Bass and Drums, you will learn a song in the style of The Rolling Stones.

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2 Scales for Soloing: Minor and Major Pentatonic – EP006 *

In this lesson, you will learn 2 approaches for scale based soloing. Approach 1 uses a Minor Pentatonic scale to create a sadder tonal quality, while approach 2 uses a Major Pentatonic scale to create a happier tonal quality.

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2 Melodic Blues Solos - EP005 *

Learn 2 solos in the key of A Major that use changes to create a melodic sound over a 12 bar blues chord progression.

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2 Chord Jam - EP004

Learn how to make your rhythm playing more interesting by adding a backbeat, fill licks, and melody to a 2 chord progression.

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Rhythm Blues - EP003

This lesson is a bluesy, fingerpicking piece that focuses on developing your rhythm technique while splicing in melodic fill licks.

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Harmonize C Major w/ Chords & Solo - EP002 *

Learn how to play higher voiced chord harmonies and a solo over one of the most popular chord progressions in C Major.

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Solo in G - EP001 *

Learn a solo in G Major that works over fast and slow chord progressions.

* Lessons that feature a blue asterisk include play-along backing tracks.
* All Lessons feature complete Tabs, Chord Graphs, and Notation. Click HERE for a detailed explanation on how to read sheet music.