An Introduction to Reading Standard Notation

An Introduction to Reading Standard Notation

Course Description

The BEST way to gain a thorough understanding of rhythm and timing is by learning to read standard notation. If we break music down into three parts, it consists of: melody, harmony (chords), and rhythm. Oftentimes an ukulele player is only well-versed in reading tablature. But herein lies the problem… Tablature only shows you how to play two of the three parts of music (melody and harmony); therefore you are left in the dark when it comes to rhythm.

This course sets out to fill in that missing gap by providing a comprehensive overview on the fundamentals of written music. We’ll start at the beginning with the rudiments of music (learning what a staff is and where the notes fall onto it), deep dive into simple and syncopated rhythms, and master reading notes and chords in first position (frets 0-4). Along the way, you’ll be challenged with exercises and performance pieces that help to strengthen your knowledge of notes on the fretboard.

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Module 1 The Fundamentals of Reading
In this module, you'll gain an understanding of the fundamentals required for reading standard notation.
Unit 1 Course Overview (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 2 The Rudiments of Music (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 3 Understanding Rhythmic Notation (FREE LESSON)  
Unit 4 Recommendations: Left Hand Fingering and Right Hand Picking Approach (FREE LESSON)  
Module 2 Tackling Position 1
In this module, you'll learn notes and chords contained within position 1 of the fretboard (frets 0-4).
Unit 1 Natural Notes on the A String  
Unit 2 Sharps and Flats on the A String  
Unit 3 Natural Notes on the E String  
Unit 4 Sharps on the E String  
Unit 5 Performance Piece: "Ode To Joy"  
Unit 6 Natural Notes on the C String  
Unit 7 Sharps on the C String  
Unit 8 Performance Piece: "Aura Lee"  
Unit 9 Performance Piece: "Scarborough Fair"  
Unit 10 Natural Notes on the G String  
Unit 11 Sharps and Flats on the G String  
Unit 12 Performance Piece: "Greensleeves"  
Module 3 Advanced Concepts
In this module, we'll move beyond the fundamentals and dive into topics such as playing complex rhythms and understanding strum patterns.
Unit 1 Double Stops  
Unit 2 Chords  
Unit 3 Debunking the Rhythm Behind the "Island Strum" Pattern  
Unit 4 Sixteenth Notes  
Unit 5 Swung 8th Notes & 8th Note Triplets  
Unit 6 Capstone Performance Piece: "Bourrée" by Johann Sebastian Bach  
Unit 7 Course Wrap Up