“Bourree” – Johann Sebastian Bach

Below is the lesson for “Bourrée” by J.S. Bach.

Helpful Tips

This classical duet demonstrates counterpoint, whereas there are two melodies that move independently of one another. One melody is played by the ukulele and the other by the U-Bass. The ukulele melody features a repetitive rhythmic theme which is heard throughout most of the piece. This theme consists of a mix between quarter and eighth notes, and is as follows: 1 2& 3 4&. If you are new to counting and understanding rhythms, be sure to check out this lesson.

For our right hand picking approach, we’ll exclusively use Picado. This technique involves us using the index and middle fingers in an alternating picking fashion. If you are new to this technique, check out this lesson which breaks down the mechanics behind it.

Lastly, this lesson is very special as it’s the capstone performance piece from our full-length course on: An Introduction to Reading Standard Notation. I’d highly encourage you to check out the course if you want to learn to read music AND enhance your understanding of rhythm and timing.

* Note: Click HERE for the U-Bass lesson for “Bourrée”.

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Tab Play Along


Backing Track Play Along (Sans Ukulele)