50s Rock & Blues – EP016

Learn a 50s-inspired chord progression that tastefully splices in blues licks. Plus, you’ll get to play ukulele alongside U-Bass and guitar.

“Soaring Leads” – EP013

In this lesson, you’ll learn 2 melodic solos set to an anthemic backing track consisting of drums, keys and bass.

Reggae Rhythm & Riff – EP011

In this lesson, you’ll learn the strum pattern that defines Reggae rhythm, as well as, a riff that’s a lot of fun to play! But the best part is, you’ll put it all together to jam alongside a full band backing track (Drums & U-Bass).

Spice Up Your Rhythm Playing – EP010

In this lesson, you’ll learn 8 ways to vary your rhythm playing. The big takeaway here is that these concepts can be applied to any song, helping you to expand your rhythmic playing vocabulary.

12 Bar Jazz Blues – EP009

In this lesson, we’ll take a standard 12 bar blues and alter it to create a more colorful and Jazz-esque tonal landscape. You’ll learn to play a melody, solo, and rhythm over a full band backing track; which includes: Ukulele + U-Bass + Drums.