“Soaring Leads” – EP013

Soaring Leads – EP013

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In this lesson, you’ll learn 2 melodic solos set to an anthemic backing track consisting of drums, keys and bass. We decided to call this piece of music, “Soaring Leads” for a couple reasons. One, EP013 is an awful name (lol) and two, the overall track has a very uplifting sound.

This lesson is intended for those of you who have been soloing for a while, but are interested in learning leads that mix techniques (hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides) with melodic passages.

To give you an example of the latter, the end of bar 20 (beat 4) into bar 24 uses a phrasing technique called: Call and Response. C&R means there are two distinct phrases, where the second phrase is heard as a response to the first. To put this concept into an analogy, this is the same idea as a Q&A session. A question is always responded to with an answer.

Therefore, this lesson will also present a few ideas for those of you who are interested in writing your own licks or solos.

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