“Etude in E minor” – Francisco Tárrega

Below is the lesson for “Etude in E minor” by Francisco Tárrega.

Helpful Tips

This beginner-friendly etude is a perfect entry point into playing classical music. There’s a couple of reasons why this rings true. First, the entire piece is performed using a 3 finger approach for fingerpicking:

Ring Finger (A String)
Middle Finger (E String)
Index Finger (C String)

Second, this piece is composed around eighth note triplets in 3/4. In fact, all but 3 measures use this exact rhythm. This makes the performance easier since every note is held for the same duration. If you’re new to triplets, check out this lesson for an explanation on how to play them.

FYI: This piece was originally composed for guitar in the key of E minor. But when we transpose it for ukulele, we end up in the key of A minor.

Part 1 – Performance & Free Lesson

Tab Play Along