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@tbb You see everyone ❤️‘s you.

Is it improv. It is… But.. I’m using a certain structure I can use with any chord progression and improvise. This is what I’m doing.

I’m using any chord progression. In this case Am, G, F & E. I finger pick randomly a chord then play the A minor scale. That’s the first bit.

Then I just go higher up the neck and play the same chords in a different position and fill in the spaces with the A minor scale.

There were a couple of variations. I played A harmonic minor where you change a note of the scale to make it sound more Flamenco (I messed that bit up). And I transitioned between the open chords and the inversions of the chords (higher up ones) by picking the notes of C Major (arpeggio).

But basically take any chord progression pluck any chord 4 times then play a scale and that’s it.